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Advertising on our website is easy: pick the post you’d like to place your Ad on and send us your Ad-images. We do the rest.

Our pricing is even more to the point: only US$ 1 per post per day (with a minimum of 30 days). Do you want your Ads on more than one post? We offer you a discount of 20% on the total price.

Advantages of Advertising with Us

Your Ad is always the only Ad on a post
Your Ad is always displayed and not rotated with other items
Your Ad shows at two or three locations in a post (depending on the type of post)
Optimized Ad display for both mobile and desktop devices
You may use distinct Ad-images for each location in a post
You may use distinct Ad URLs (links) for each location in a post
Monthly reporting of the number of clicks on your Ad
We can add URL parameters (link parameters) if you use those
Need help with designing your Ad-image? Ask us – we may be of help to you

Ad Specifications

Please send us a minimum of two Ad images: one to display on desktop devices (computer, laptop, etc.) and another one to display on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

  ◾ For desktop devices 728px by 90px
  ◾ For mobile devices 320px by 100px or 336px by 280px


We will send you an invoice for our Ad services after you’ve confirmed the correct implementation of your Ad on our website. Payment can be done through PayPal. If you don’t use PayPal, please let us know, and we’ll supply you with another payment option.

Contact Us

Feel free to write us at talk2us (@) if you want to place an Ad or if you need more info. Our team will reply to your message within 24 hours.