Media Kit

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Welcome to our Media Kit. Here we explain who we are, what we do, and what our visitor statistics look like.

Who We Are was launched in 2018 and runs the largest global website for comprehensive, high-quality, and in-depth information about Thai Traditional Healing Arts training providers and training courses in Thailand and across the world.

The website is operated by Helissa Grundemann, a historian, blogger and photographer, and Marce Ferreira, blogger and former Thai Massage & Thai Yoga practitioner and teacher.

On our page Why We Created you’ll find more information about our website’s history.

What We do

We register and list Thai Traditional Healing Arts training providers from Thailand and other countries, and run an extensive blog with info and reviews about Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts centers, schools, teachers, and training courses.

Additionally, we’ve developed a Filter Engine enabling website visitors to search our database in a structured fashion to quickly find the training providers and training courses they’re looking for.

Work Together With Us

We lead the market when it comes to information about Thai Healing Arts education providers and training courses in Thailand and in the rest of the world. We rank high on relevant organic Keyword Search, being prominently present on first or second page result sets of major Search Engines, such as Google and Bing.

We welcome Thai Traditional Healing Arts training centers, schools, teachers and other related organizations to partner up with us to promote their activities, as well as to improve exposure, service, product and brand awareness for their organizations.

We use three forms of promotion for partners: Featured Articles & Reviews, Featured Special Offers & Discounts, and Featured Training Events.

If you have any questions about or about the way we feature partners, please use our Contact Form and write us. Alternatively you can email us directly by using

Our Visitor Statistics

Monthly Unique Visitors +7,500
Monthly Page Views +25,000
Page Views about Training in Thailand 84%
Page Views about Training in other countries 16%
Average Page Views per Visitor +3
Average Session Duration in Minutes +3

Top 10 countries of origin
Thailand 21% (mostly English speaking visitors already in Thailand)
United States (USA) 17%
United Kingdom (UK) 5%
India 5%
Indonesia 5% (mostly English speaking preparing for Thailand)
France 5%
Australia 4%
Singapore 3%
Malaysia 3% (mostly English speaking preparing for Thailand)
Canada 3%

Top 5 browser languages
English 71 %
French 3%
Indonesian 3 %
German 3 %
Dutch 2%

Gender Distribution
Female 52%
Male 48%

Age Distribution
18-24 7%
25-34 41%
35-44 21%
45-54 14%
55-64 11%
65+ 6%

Acquisition Channels
Organic Search 86%
Direct 7%
Referral 4%
Social 3%

Device Category
Mobile 61%
Desktop 31%
Tablet 8%