Jessica Dafni | Thai Massage Instructor Review

Published | Updated November 25, 2018
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Jessica Dafni is a Maine Licensed Massage Therapist, a NCBTMB Approved Provider, and Certified Yoga Teacher. She’s the owner of Iron Bird which offers Thai Bodywork wellness and education services in Maine (USA).

As for education, Iron Bird offers workshops and classes in Thai Massage, Thai Herbal Compress Massage and Reusi Dat Ton. Additionally, the center offers private, personalized programs and Thai Bodywork mentorship.

Jessica is affiliated with The Naga Center Teacher’s Guild, an association of Thai medicine instructors trained to offer certain Naga Center courses. The Naga Center in Portland (Oregon) is a school of Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage which was founded by Nephyr Jacobsen.

The Iron Bird website is neatly divided in a “For Clients” and “For Practitioners” section. Furthermore, you’ll find a calendar listing Upcoming Classes, a Blog, and a Shop for traditional Thai herbal bodywork supplies like herbal balms, teas, liniments, and compresses.

You can learn more about Jessica Dafni’s background on the About page of her website.

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