Info Disclaimer

The data we display on a Training Provider detail page is based on info encountered on the Training Provider’s Web or Social Media site(s), info sent to us by the provider, or info found through other (Internet) resources.

Team does not in any way claim to be complete and may, unintentionally, have omitted info or copied data inaccurately. You’re of course welcome to contact us for rectification purposes.

Mind also that the Training Provider mentioned on the detail page may (have) operate(d) in more Places or Countries, or may (have) offer(ed) additional Training Courses or Training Modalities that are not related to the Traditional Thai Healing Arts & Bodywork.

The various items displayed under Training Modalities may not apply to all Training Courses listed. Organizations, Accreditations or Certifications listed under the Affiliations section may not apply to (all) Training Courses and Training Modalities and need to be further verified with the Training Provider.