How to Get There?

Published | Updated June 30, 2019

How to Get There?
How to get where?

You can discuss Enlightenment or Self-Realization forever, and “how to get there,” but you’ll first need to know where it is exactly you want to be or go, and what it is you really want.

For a long as you don’t know what it is you’re looking for, Enlightenment will just remain a fantasy, a myth, a concept, wishful-thinking at best, and every idea about it subsequently false.

Maybe the thing or “mental state” that comes close mostly, is “peace of mind,” and maybe that’s what you actually want.

But then, how to get there? Get where?

How to get anywhere if the thing you long after may be right before your eyes? What if it’s all there… here? What if the single thing that hinders you to see it here and now, is “your background” never ceasing to interfere.

This background, which is all you know, all you’ve learned, and obey, all you think being true, the whole of your education and cultural mold, every single thought or mental image you have, including so-called “emotions,” and… all your ideas of what Enlightenment or Self-Realization is.

Perhaps you need to get rid of your background, from everything you take for real, true, or face value, including of wanting-to-get-there, and perhaps that is the only thing necessary to “achieve” peace of mind and the only way of seeing what-really-is-there—here.

But to get free from all that, one needs to be very courageous, or utterly desperate, and one needs to believe that it’s the way and that it’s possible. One needs to make the hypothesis of a background-free mind a practical playground.

There’s nothing to find, nowhere to go. Yet there’s everything to lose, being lost perhaps the foremost prerequisite of finding your true self. But then it will show that this so-called “true self” is a fiction too. There’s no there nor where, not this or that, and there’s nothing to become, achieve, or get finally.

What there is, here, is a functional, highly efficient being. And all what hinders it to express itself is that what-you-think-you-are-or-should-become.

So, how to get there where you are already?

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