East Meets West in Thai Massage | eBook

East Meets West in Thai Massage

Written by: Marce Ferreira
First Published: March 2020
Last Update: March 2020
Length: 190 pages
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What is this eBook about?

Thai Massage in 2020 looks very different compared to seventy years, or even twenty or ten years ago, and the changes follow each other up in a maddening speed, both for treatments and training, but also with regard to our knowledge about the history and the conceptual backgrounds.

This eBook is about the immense changes Thai Traditional Massage has been going through since the 1950s, how things look like today, and what we can reasonably expect in the near future.

Key to all these changes is a renewed local awareness of Thailand’s cultural heritage, and an increasing interest of the international community in general, and of the West in particular, for traditional medicines and healing arts.

We discuss the ancient history of Thai Massage, the contemporary history, traditional Thai Massage styles, the shifting perspectives and directions taken in the last seventy years up to now, and the rise of new Thai Massage modalities, blends, integrations and hybrids.

We look at the changes in Thailand, but also how other countries, notably the West, have embraced Thai Traditional Massage, at the same time taking it into completely new directions.

Table of Contents

~ From Happy Ending to New Beginnings 9
~ A Definition of Traditional Bodywork 13
~ A Definition of Thai Traditional Massage 15
~ On the Origins of Thai Massage 17
~ Wat Pho – The Rescue of Thai Massage 21
~ Northern and Southern Thai Style Massage 25
~ Thai Royal Massage (Nuad Rajasamnak) 27
~ Thai Folk Massage (Nuad Chaloeisak) 30
~ The Thai Lanna Folk Healing Arts 32
~ Traditional Lanna Thai Massage 35
~ Wat Pho Style | Bangkok 37
~ Old Medicine Hospital Style | Chiang Mai 38
~ Thai Massage Treatment Modalities in Thailand 40
~ The Historic Thai Massage Revival Project 48
~ Traditional Solutions vs. Contemporary Problems 52
~ Holistic Massage Therapy, Body Language & Body Talk 55
~ The Commercialization of Thai Massage 60
~ Authentic Thai Massage versus New Directions 63
~ The Formalization of Thai Massage Education in Thailand 65
~ Encapsulating Thai Massage in Existing Frameworks 69
~ Cultural Differences with Experiencing Pain 73
~ Thai Massage and Psychosomatics 76
~ Western Science and Thai Massage Therapy 78
~ Thai Massage Diagnostics 81
~ A Western Perspective on the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines 84
~ Integrating Thai Massage with Other Bodywork 87
~ The Mystification of Thai Massage 89
~ A Western Outlook on Thai Assisted Stretches 90
~ Are the Thai Sen Energy Lines Necessary? 93
~ Using Standard Thai Massage Sequences and Routines 95
~ Modern Thai Massage Teacher Training in Thailand 97
~ Using Hard and Soft Approaches 100
~ Changes in Thai Massage Session Durations 103
~ Thai Massage and Sex Work in Thailand 105
~ Scientific Research on Thai Massage 107
~ The Thai Massage Events Generation 112
~ Nuad Thai and the UNESCO 115
~ The Future of the Thai Healing Arts in Thailand 117
~ Blending or Emphasizing Thai Massage Techniques 121
~ AcroYoga, Partner Yoga, and Thai Massage 123
~ Anathai 126
~ Anatomical Knowledge and Thai Massage 127
~ Ancient Massage 130
~ Ayurveda and Thai Traditional Massage 131
~ Ayurveda Yoga Massage (AYM) 133
~ Barefoot-Thai 134
~ Breema Bodywork® 136
~ Chair Thai Massage 138
~ Chi Nei Tsang | Thai Abdominal Chi Massage 140
~ Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Thai Massage 142
~ Clinical Thai Bodywork and Trigger Point Therapy 144
~ Flow-Nuad 145
~ Harmonics, Rocking, and Dynamic Thai Massage 146
~ Jap Sen Herbal Thai Massage 148
~ Hydra Yoga Therapy 149
~ Integrated and Integrative Thai Massage 150
~ Karsai | Thai Genital Detox Massage 153
~ Osteothai 154
~ PhysioThai ® 156
~ Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 157
~ Reiki-Thai 158
~ RestoraTHAI 159
~ Rolfing Thai 160
~ SomaVeda® Thai Yoga 161
~ Structural Energy Awakening (SEA Bodywork) 162
~ Table Thai Massage 163
~ Table Thai Shiatsu 165
~ Thai Amatarot Massage 166
~ Thai Couples Massage 167
~ Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology 168
~ Thai Lomi Lomi Massage 170
~ Thai Massage and Energy Work 171
~ Thai Massage, Vipassana and Mindfulness 173
~ Thai Oil Massage & Aromatherapy 176
~ Thai Shiatsu Combos 178
~ Thai Sportsmassage 179
~ Thai Swedish Massage 180
~ Thai Vedic Yoga 181
~ Thai Yoga | Disambiguation 182
~ Thai Yoga Fusion Massage® 185
~ Thai Yoga Massage 186
~ Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork 188
~ ZenThai Shiatsu 189

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