COVID-19 | eBook

Author: Marce Ferreira
First Published: April 2020
Last Update: April 2020
Length: 38 pages
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
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What is this eBook about?

COVID-19 is on all our minds. We’ve published this free eBook, bundling together a selection of recent posts with considerations, developments and experiences with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Table of Contents

~ The Corona Battle – Why East Beats West 6
~ How We Stay Fit during Lockdown 10
~ The Future of the European Union 12
~ Traveling after the Pandemic 14
~ Online Massage Training Courses and Corona 16
~ Life in Brazil under Lockdown 18
~ COVID-19 and Conspiracy Theories 20
~ Treating COVID with Traditional Chinese Medicine 23
~ Thai Massage Schools in Thailand Closed 25
~ Corona and the Spa, Massage & Wellness Industry 27
~ Coronavirus, BCE, and CE 29
~ How the Coronavirus Infects our Website 30
~ Massage, our Immune System, and the Coronavirus 32
~ Coronavirus – Recommendations for Thai Massage and Spa Managers 35

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