COVID-19 and Conspiracy Theories

Published March 25, 2020 | Updated March 27, 2020

COVID-19 and Conspiracy Theories

Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is welcome food for conspiracy theories, such as we already had for the assassination of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Chemtrails for mass psychological manipulation, the 9/11 Twin Towers attacks, and the landing on the moon, to name just a few examples.

Sure, there are economic, political, and private conspiracies and schemes — conspiring is a human trait after all — but as it is with conspiracies, they are generally much less obvious, less visible, less theatrical, less “grand”, and very much secretive and concealed.

Who are the COVID-19 Conspirators?

With every conspiracy theory we need to look at who would benefit of the thing happening. So, in the case of the Coronavirus we could think of the pharmaceutical industry (notably those who develop vaccines), and thus for instance we could point a finger at Mr. Bill Gates who funded a research center in England called the Pirbright Institute which occupies itself with preventing and controlling viral diseases.

Or we could point at Jeff Bezos, the founder, owner and chief executive officer of, who sees an enormous growth due to COVID-19 online and panic buying.

And what to think of the Chinese Government that wants to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine or perhaps wants to get an even stronger grip on its population?

Abusing the Coronavirus

You see, during any crisis there are always people, groups, companies, or governments that take advantage of the situation. And so will it be and so it is with he Coronavirus pandemic.

For instance, in the current COVID-19 case there are certainly economic branches that profit: online businesses that deliver goods, IT companies that offer hosting and disk-space, pharmaceutical companies, toy shops, online education providers, transport companies, and supermarkets, to name some of the “winners” at this moment.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that companies will abuse or misuse the situation, but it is a possibility. Whatever the case, being of good will or bad will, financial profits and power will certainly rise for certain people and businesses.

On the political front we could think of governments, political groups in power or political wannabees, that now have an excellent chance to consolidate or strengthen their grip on society.

The authoritarian Chinese government, for instance, already a champion in controlling and monitoring the Chinese people will certainly acquire, legitimize and implement more and better means to “structure” society. The goals of such are often rather basic and simple: consolidating power, increasing control, more money getting richer, meaning more power, and so on.

In any case, authoritarian, nationalist, right-nationalist and xenophobic tendencies of governments and peoples in a variety of countries are quite a global development in past years, hence COVID-19 is a “welcome” aid in accelerating and legitimizing this process.

To just give an example, I think the fear that COVID-19 spreads among citizens will be very “handy” for those political groups in Europe that would want to leave the European Union (EU) to have their own little Brexit party. Moreover, COVID-19 gives countries “very good reasons” to completely close borders for refugees and immigrants, a hot topic already.

In Conclusion

I feel it is unlikely and far-fetched to think of a deliberate implementation of the Coronavirus i.e. a conspiracy. Nonetheless, as the history of mankind has shown us, there are and will always be groups that would want to prolong, use or abuse a crisis to take maximum advantage of things they consider in their interest.

With the Coronavirus we have a very dangerous situation. The scale is global, and of course, there will be made use of by some people, some businesses, some countries, some governments. It’s now simply a matter of time to see how and where things will become very ugly.

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