Coronavirus in Thailand | Recommendations for Thai Massage Managers

Published: Feb 26, 2020 | Updated: Feb 20, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Coronavirus in Thailand | Recommendations for Thai Massage and Spa Massage Managers

Feb 26, 2020 – The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) sets its mark worldwide and hits many people and businesses. Also in Thailand. Tourism is hit hard across Asia and now also Europe starts to feel the threat.

The Thai Department of Disease Control (part of the Thai Ministry of Public Health) has published recommendations with regard to the Coronavirus for many sectors and activities in Thai society. These recommendations cover the public, private and commercial realm.

For the Thai Massage and Spa Massage branch the following guidelines (February, 2020) have been published (naturally they also apply for the Thai Massage schools and trainers in Thailand):

Suggestions for massage shop managers

  • The manager should provide knowledge, suggestions or public relations media to
    prevent the spread of infection for customers and staff e.g. announcement posters that
    explain about handwashing and hygienic mask-wearing.
  • Provide a support area to prevent the spread of infection:
    — Provide a sink with soap, alcohol gel and hygienic masks in common areas e.g.
    restrooms, dining rooms, changing rooms and recreation rooms for the
    customers and staff service.
    — Clean the common areas and equipment that are frequently touched e.g.
    doorknobs, banisters, massage chairs and massage cushions by liquid
    detergent or liquid cleanser including 70% alcohol solution at least 1-2 times
    per day or after every use.
    — Clean or change the service equipment with hygiene practices after every use
    e.g. towels, pillowcases, pillowcases, sheets, and cloth.
  • Increase awareness among customer service staff and cleaning staff about the risk of
    contamination of the agent by addressing the importance of self-protection such as
    wearing masks or gloves while working. The manager should support sanitary care for
    staff to protect themselves such as washing hands both before and after working and
    every time after touching equipment that are often touched by many people.
  • Manage contaminated waste, normal waste, and sewage properly. Be careful when
    collecting waste such as used fabric or paper that may be contaminated with nasal
    discharge or saliva of customers. Before throwing away contaminated waste, the bag
    should be tightly closed or thrown in a contaminated bin and hands should be cleaned
    to prevent residue of germs.
  • For the large massage shops with many staff, a screening protocol should be
    implemented in the place before beginning work. If any staff are sick, they should
    consider returning home to prevent the spread of disease in the massage shop. If
    anyone has a severe illness, seek medical attention with a doctor immediately.

Suggestions for customer service staff

  • Prevent yourselves from infection by observing the symptoms of the customers such
    as fever, coughing, sore throat, runny nose or difficulty breathing. If the customer has
    symptoms, you should suggest they wear a hygienic mask and meet the doctor
    immediately and inform them of travel history.
  • Be careful to contact and touch customers while working. Staff should wear hygienic
    mask when close to their customers every time, wash hands often with water and soap
    or alcohol gel. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you are sick, visit a doctor
    immediately and inform the history of contact with patients to be diagnosed and
  • Do not share personal things with other people such as glasses, straws, spoons, hand
    rags, handkerchiefs, and towels.
  • Follow and practice the suggestions from the Ministry of Public Health. You can search
    for additional information from the Department of Disease Control website.

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