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Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai | ReviewTMC - Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai
Learn more about one of the best known Thai Massage schools in Thailand.
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Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, also known as TMC Chiang Mai, is one of the most renown Thai Massage Schools in Thailand. They offer a broad variety of Thai Traditional Massage courses and a teacher training program.

The school generally offers discounts on training course prices if you enroll for more levels at the same time. Check out the various option on their training courses page.

eBook - Thai Massage Schools & Teachers in Chiang MaiThai Massage Schools & Teachers in Chiang Mai | Thailand
A unique and all-inclusive training guide with the best known, lesser known, most popular, and absolute best Thai Massage and Lanna Folk Healing trainers and courses in Chiang Mai.

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