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CLS Massage School Chiang Mai Learn Thai Massage with CLS Massage Chiang Mai in a beautiful natural setting!
Thai Yoga Massage School Bangkok MettaStudy Thai Yoga Massage & Foot Reflexology to perfection with Master Kong in Bangkok.
Train with accomplished massage teachers from SVG Thai Massage Chiang Mai.

Special Offers & Discounts
Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai Oasis Spa School in Chiang Mai offers discounts and promotions on their Special Offers page.

Current promotions:
– A Thai massage 3-day course @ 6,000 THB with a free pickup and drop off, 18 Hours
– A Thai massage 150-hour course @12,000 THB from 14,500 THB, 150 Hours
– Buy a 3-day body treatment course @ 8,000 THB and get a FREE Spa General Knowledge and Management 1-day course worth 1,500 THB, 18 Hours
– Purchase any professional courses of 5 days or longer and get another Thai massage 2, 3 or 5-day course at a 50% discount, 30 Hours
– Buy any 5 day or longer professional course, get a free 1-hour Aromatherapy Massage, Thai Massage, Body Scrub or Body Wrap from Oasis Spa, 30 Hours
– Purchase a 3-day facial treatment course@8,000 THB, get FREE 1-day body scrub course , 18 Hours
– Buy a 3-day Swedish massage course (8,500 THB), get a half-day DIY herbal compress ball course free (2,000 THB), 18 Hours

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