Thai Herbs and Tok Sen Class or Thai Medical Massage Study Trip in Thailand

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November 23, 2019 - December 17, 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Herbs and Tok Sen Class or Thai Medical Massage in Thailand
The Thai Healing Art Institute (also known as the Boulder Thai Massage School) has a branch in the USA (Boulder, Colorado) and in Thailand (Bangkok). The school is run by Thai natives and offers a variety of Traditional Thai Massage and related training courses.

From Nov 23 to Dec 17, 2019 the school organizes a study trip in Thailand to learn Thai Herbs and Tok Sen Massage or Thai Medical Massage. An additional tour across Thailand is optional.

Nov 23 : Departure from the USA.
Nov 24 : Arriving in Bangkok around midnight.
Nov 25 : Relax 1 day in Bangkok.
Nov 26-30: Learn about Thai Herbs, make products with herbs and how to use them in treatments, Wai Kru ceremony.
Dec 1 : Relaxing day, tour in Bangkok.
Dec 2-6 : Thai Massage Advanced Techniques.
Dec 7 : Group 1 flies back to the USA.
Dec 7-15 : Group 2 joins the tour across Thailand.
Dec 16 : Last day in Bangkok.
​Dec 17 : Back to the USA.

* Final plan might be adjusted based on the group.
– Group 1 is Training only
– Group 2 is Training and Tour
– Only taking the tour is possible also.
– Limited to maximum 9 persons.

For more detailed info and pricing check out the institute’s website at Learn Massage in Thailand.

Learn more about the Thai Healing Healing Art Institute, Boulder Colorado.

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