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Special Offers & Discounts
Phuket, Thailand

The Suai Thai Massage School on Phuket is a sister school of the Suai Thai Spa School and offers Thai Chiropractics, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Massage, Thai Oil Massage, Tok Sen, and Thai Yoga (Reusi Dat Ton) courses and workshops, among other training courses.

The school currently offers the following promotions:
– Thai Massage Basic 1 Day (Discount: 2 students 4,500 BAHT / 4 students 8,000 BAHT), regular price for 1 student 2,500 BAHT.
– Thai Massage Basic 2 Days (Discount: 2 students 8,000 BAHT / 4 students 15,000 BAHT), regular price for 1 student 5,000 BAHT.

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