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Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai | ReviewTMC - Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai
Learn more about one of the best known Thai Massage schools in Thailand.
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Bangkok, Thailand

The Shiva Ashram Holistic Health Center in Bangkok offers Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Thai Oil Massage, Thai Bone Setting, and Thai Barefoot Massage courses.

A nice touch is that accommodation is included in training course prices. Shiva Ashram also offers a variety of Therapeutic Thai Massage online courses, aimed at resolving specific problems as headaches, stiff shoulders, knee pain, elbow pain, and many more.

eBook - Welcome, Massage!Welcome, Massage!
What to expect from a Thai Massage in Thailand, how to decide where to get the best massage, and what to take into account to keep things enjoyable, safe and healthy.

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