40hr Herbal Workshop including “Food as Medicine” @Baan Hom Samunphrai

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40hr Herbal Workshop including “Food as Medicine” @Baan Hom Samunphrai
March 11, 2020 - March 17, 2020
Chiang Mai, Thailand

By popular demand, Ms. Homprang is offering this course again in 2020. You can click on the title of the course on the Course Calendar Page for more information on Homprang’s herbal work in general and you can also have a look at the section of Related Photos on the Homepage.

The exact content of the course will be determined not by a formal syllabus but by the season, the climate, social as well as natural, and above all by the interests of the specific group. So if you have special interests, please do let Homprang know what they are.

Each day will begin as always with a session of Rasidaton (Thai Yoga) at 7am followed by herbal work, study, talk, and visits here and there from 9am to 4pm. There is then a herbal steam bath at 6pm followed by a delicious Thai meal at 7pm—and if you are very lucky Homprang will be there to talk you through it!

Presented by: Baan Hom Samunphrai
Hosted by: Baan Hom Samunphrai