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  • Tantra Workshops, Tantra Massage Courses and Tantra Yoga Classes in Thailand
    Tantra practices, systems and philosophy emerged in India around 500 AD. What Tantra is exactly, is highly controversial and it has earned many (mis)interpretations. We won’t go into that, but we’d like to give a […]
  • 21 Best Yoga Schools and Classes in Chiang Mai
    Yoga, together with Thai Massage and Thai Boxing (Muay Thai), ranks among the top 3 training bodywork modalities in Thailand. In Thailand, the highest concentration of Yoga Schools and Classes (including Yoga Teacher Training) […]
  • Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center in Chiang Mai | Review
    Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center is a Thai Massage School located in Chiang Mai. It’s a one woman school, Timmy Kaossaard is the owner and only teacher, and the school is actually at her home. She has been a teacher in […]
  • Best Thai Massage Teachers from Thailand
    In this article we present the best Thai Massage teachers from Thailand—the Gurus, the Masters, the Hot Shots! No doubt we’ll fail to mention all great teachers, so please don’t hesitate to write us if you think […]
  • Wandee Ancient Thai Massage in Chiang Mai | Review
    Wandee Ancient Thai Massage is a Thai Massage School located in Chiang Mai. It is a one woman school – Wandee Boonsai is the founder, owner, and only teacher. She learned Thai Massage with her grandmother when she was a […]