The Bangkok Blues

Published | Updated November 25, 2018
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The Bangkok Blues
It’s done, it’s over, it’s out. And this time, maybe for a longer period. I’m leaving Thailand. I’m going.

Of course, we cannot look into the future, but why would we anyway? That would only make sense if we could change the future. And we cannot. We can at best change the present and even that doesn’t give us any reliable results…

Anyhow—I have the blues. The Bangkok Blues. Bangkok has it and I took it. I feel a bit sad, maybe a bit ashamed of taking so much and giving so little back and maybe the most I can do is pay my respects and giving thanks. Thanks for this ancient, incredible knowledge the Thai still have in their midst and are so willing to share with the rest of the world.

The blues, because I know that lots of it is disappearing rapidly and I would have liked to get even deeper, know more, learn more, whatever time it would take. The blues, because I cannot look into the future, even if I cannot change it anyway. I suppose I have no other choice than live by the present, by what I can still take and—make the most of it.

It’s an interesting phenomenon to see how the West comes to Thailand to learn, to take, to spread, and it’s for the best I think, because there are fewer and fewer Thai interested in meticulously preserving and developing their own heritage. It’s all so natural to them, so part of their daily lives, that they don’t pay any real attention to the way their valuable knowledge of the human body and mind fades out rapidly or commercializes in unrecognizable features.

It’s in fact the West which increasingly takes up the responsibility trying to well-preserve and genuinely further develop the traditional Thai medical tradition. It sounds maybe awkward, but nowadays sometimes we, from the West, perhaps know more about the Thai Traditional Medicine heritage than the Thai themselves.

But all that doesn’t matter—it’s not about Thai or not-Thai, it’s about humanity, about something that belongs to the whole of mankind. And with bringing all what’s about to vanish in Thailand to the West, justice to mankind’s heritage is done.

If one takes here, one adds there. And what one loses here, one gains otherwise. It’s how balance works. It’s how life works. And we can be grateful for that.

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